March Thai Medical Women Association (TMWA) ENG VER

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March Thai Medical Women Association (TMWA)
Dr.Araya Thongphiew (lyric) / Dr.Atkavi Sawadisavi (music)
Thai  Med.  Women   /  Asso-----ciation
Promotion /     women/     children’s health 
Everyone/        marching on/      hand in hand
With success plan/       to report/      to the world
Volunteer/     with sincere/      dedication
We spread joy/        wherev/  er    we go
Sympathy/       we      al/ways   have
With advice/      with our fund/      this will show
Join other/     women’s /      society
Adversity will/     be ea/sy to solve
Come on now/      be a part/     come along
Sing this song /   with   CONVICTION/    once more
Thai   Med.   Women   /  Asso-----ciation
Promotion/    women/     children’s health
Best effort/     with our hearts/ ----- and minds
Dignify / our TM/WA
(repeat) Best effort /   with our hearts/ ----- minds
Dignify / our TM/WA.

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