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Scholarship Award Criteria Scholarship Award Criteria
2371Visitors | [2020-02-05] 

 Scholarship Award Criteria

 The TMWA Scholarship for Female Medical Students is a monetary grant that does not require repayment– however recipients are expected to make a wholehearted promise that they will commit themselves to practicing medicine in their rural hometowns or any other regional area in Thailand.

  1. Objective 

1.1 Seek to provide scholarships for female medical students covering the period from the first to sixth year of the medical training curriculum. Offer at least 2 scholarships per year or as many as donations allow.  

1.2 To enhance the capabilities of students and graduates receiving the TMWA scholarship so that they will be well-prepared for practicing their profession, have the potential for continued learning, be able to work well with others, and posses strong social skills and ethics.

  2. Coverage of the scholarship    

       2.1 Tuition fee: 2 semesters each year (not exceeding 10,000 Baht per semester).

       Payment is to be made in accordance with the regulations of each university.           

       2.2 Monthly expenses: 10 months/year (5,500 Baht/month/person)   

3. Qualification of scholars

3.1 First-year students at a medical school of a government university OR current students in any other year of medical school as deemed appropriate or necessary by the selection committee. 

3.2 Have a domicile located in a rural or remote area.

3.3 Have the intention to practice medicine in their domicile.

3.4 Have financial need.

3.5 Have a good attitude and social behavior.

3.6 Not currently receiving a scholarship from other sources (except the subsidizing fund from the government in accordance with the conditions set by that educational program). 

3.7 Be able to complete the study course of medicine within the specified period set for their medical training curriculum. Anyone who fails the examination in any given year will be excluded from the program starting from that year.    

3.8 Have passed through the evaluation by their university's Faculty of Medicine, the Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctors (CPIRD) of MOPH, and the Selection Committee of the TMWA. 

 4. Compulsory requirements for scholars

4.1 Attend the TMWA annual general meeting each year (normally held on the first Sunday in October).

4.2 Report their learning achievement at the end of each academic year in order to be considered for continuing to be granted the scholarship for the following year. 

      (Those who fail to do so will be disqualified from receiving the scholarship for the following year.) 

4.3 Open a bank account at Thai Military Bank in order to receive money transfers from the TMWA on the 25th of each month.

4.4 Once the scholars receive the money or have been contacted by the TMWA, they must respond to the TMWA within 15 days.  

4.5 Submit each year a letter confirming good behavior and the need for receiving the scholarship, issued by the student's university advisor.   

4.6 Apply to become a member of the TMWA following graduation.

4.7 Issue a letter of appreciation or communicate through any other method to express gratitude towards the donor of their scholarship once a year. 

5. Cancelation of the award 

The TMWA may consider cancelling the award in any of the following scenarios.

5.1 The student misbehaves in a way that may damage the reputation of the TMWA or which violates Thai traditions or cultural norms.  

5.2 The student fails to abide by the compulsory requirements (above) for scholars. 

5.3 The student declines to receive the scholarship.

5.4 The student loses her student status or dies.

   6. Fund management

6.1 Committee: TMWA shall appoint a committee comprised of five members, including the President of the Scholarship Committee for Medical Women Students, Vice President, General Committee Member, the President of Foreign Affairs, and the Treasurer, to be titled The Committee for the TMWA Scholarship Program, to take responsibility for the activities related to the Fund for Students, coordinate with donors or their representatives, set up the selection criteria and work procedures, and undertake various activities accordingly such as the selection and monitoring of scholars as well as any activities as may be assigned, in accordance with the objectives of the award. The committee shall previde a report of their activities as an agenda item at TMWA meetings.       

6.2  Fund for Students: The monies for TMWA scholarships shall be deposited into Thai Military Bank Account No. 017-2-41433-6, Account Name: TMWA (JASON ROUSSOS MEMORIAL MEDICAL SCHOLARSHIP). The Committee for the TMWA Scholarship Program shall set up the criteria for receiving, disbursing and transferring monies and for preparing financial reports; and appoint the Treasurer of TMWA as the person authorized to receive, disburse or transfer funds in accordance with the regulations defined by the committee. The committee shall report the financial status of the Fund to the TMWA general committee every 3 months. (The payment for tuition fees will be made when due for the students in accordance with the regulations of each of their universities. The amounts for monthly expenses will be transferred into the TMB accounts of the scholars on the 25th of every month, except in April and May.)

   7. Selection of Scholars 

7.1   Application Process:  Each year, the TMWA, represented by the Committee for the TMWA Scholarship Program, shall set up the criteria, conditions and method for selecting scholars; and it shall notify and request the Collaborative Project to Increase the Production of Rural Doctor (CPIRD) of MOPH to propose a list of students whose qualifications are fit for selection. Applicants shall obtain a letter of recommendation from the Faculty of Medicine where they are studying, and another one from the Director of CPIRD.

7.2 First-year medical students shall submit an application form (as designed by the Committee for the TMWA Scholarship Program) to the TMWA; and go through the selection procedure conducted by that committee through the procedures that the committee has defined. The selection results announced by the committee will be considered as final.   

7.3 The Committee for the TMWA Scholarship Program is designated to specify the method for selection and implement all of those procedures until completion of the selection process. The Committee shall report to the TMWA about the selection results.

7.4 Schedule of the Application and Award Process:

May – July:     Applications accepted
August – September:                    Selection and Announcement of Results 
October: Award Ceremony, Meeting of Scholars 

   8. Monitoring and Reporting the Results 

   The TMWA shall monitor the learning achievements and behavior of the student recipients by reviewing their school records and reports from the faculties of medicine, and from CPIRD of MOPH, or by making site visits to the educational institutions; and shall submit a summary of results to donors every year.