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List of Significant Donors of TMWA Scholarship Program up to 2019 List of Significant Donors of TMWA Scholarship Program up to 2019
2554Visitors | [2020-02-05] 

  Appreciation for Significant Donors

Starting with an initial contribution from the estate of Professor Dr. Jason Roussos, the program's growth in the early years benefitted from the dedication of George Curuby and Ms. Tomoko Kanno, who were close friends of Professor Roussos in Japan. Other significant contributions have come from the Stone Family Foundation (Los Angeles) and the Mother Li Gim Giew Foundation of TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Both of these contributors have donated on a regular basis.

Other donors who have played an important role in the program's success include the scholarship committee members and ordinary members of the TMWA, Thai physicians in general, local businesspersons and entrepreneurs, and other people from all walks of life. Donations have been made by a series of TMWA Presidents, starting from Dr. Suwanee Raktham M.D., Assoc. Prof. Pornphan Boonyarataphan, M.D., Dr. Chamaree Chuapetcharasopon M.D., Prof. Emeritus Dr. Khun Nanta Maranetra M.D., and the current President, Maj. Jantra Chennavasin M.D. (2005-2019). Their support has provided an opportunity for young members of TMWA to complete their medical education without becoming a burden on the limited financial capabilities of their families; and to be able to dedicate all of their efforts to their studies.

The TMWA Scholarship for Female Medical Students is a monetary grant that does not require repayment– however recipients are expected to make a wholehearted promise that they will commit themselves to practicing medicine in their rural hometowns or any other regional area in Thailand.


List of Significant Donors of TMWA Scholarship Program up to 2019 

1.   Dr. Jason  Roussos                                                                4,629,141        Baht
2.   Stone Family Foundation                                                       16,291,507      Baht
3.   Dr.George Curuby And Miss Tomoko Kanno 3,130,639        Baht
4.  Mother Li Gim Giew Tanggarakoon Foundation                                             8, 460,000       Baht
5.  Raweean Kanokvejayan M.D.                                       600,000           Baht
6.   Dr.Joan  Miller  (  Massachusetts General Hospital )                 517,500           Baht
7.   Emeritus Prof. Dr. Khuying Sutsakorn Tuchinda M.D.                                            500,000           Baht
8.   Dr. Sermwut Suwannaroj                                                           4,680,000        Baht
9.   Dr. Khun Swanya Dej-udom M.D.                                                           450,000           Baht
10.  Dr. R. Malcolm Smith (Massachusetts General Hospital)       447,500           Baht
11.  Dr. Chumsaeng – Dr.Wirat Lohawijarn                                       422,753           Baht
12.  Mr.  Robert  Kiernan                                                                  420,000           Baht
13.  Major Jantra Chenavasin, M.D.  420,000           Baht
14.  TIMS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.                                                     420,000           Baht
15.  Ms. Panadda Chennavasin                                                             420,000           Baht
16.  Sutaporn Sawasdisevi M.D.   420,000           Baht
17.  Jinda Im Jamriang Bhangananda Foundation  420,000           Baht
18.  Thongtip Pngsathat Backhaus M.D.  470,000           Baht
19.  Her Serene Highness Wimolpattamarat  1,410,000        Baht
20.  Nawarat Krairoek M.D. 470,000           Baht
21.  Mr. Sukhun and Lady Chanfong Thirawat 470,000           Baht
22.  Assoc. Prof. Monthira Tanthanuch, M.D.  302,000           Baht
23.  Ms. Panee Chantharassamee 200,000           Baht
24.  Mrs. Wanna Jirakitti  200,000           Baht
25.  Vicharn Pitaksit, M.D 150,000           Baht
26.  Dr. Renu Srismith  100,000           Baht
27.  Mr. Wirat Manyasathian 940,000           Baht
28.  Mrs.Maryanna  Stockholm 160,000           Baht
29.  Surangrat Vardhanabhuti, M.D.  470,000           Baht
30.  Voluntary Group for Medical Women, Nakhon Sawan Province    100,000           Baht
31.  Mrs. Supawadee – Mr. Anan Boonarchathong 470,000           Baht
32.  Prof. Emeritus Pornswan Wasant 470,000           Baht

In addition to the above donors, there are many other smaller donors who continue to contribute on a regular basis.